Résidence Artistique, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan.
Kuandu Museum of fine Arts. Taipei National University of the Arts. Taipei. Taiwan
Exposition du 17/10/2016 au 10/11/2016

Béatrice Bescond was born in 1956 in Brest, in Brittany, in the west of France. She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris in 1985 and from Paris VIII University (with a Masters in Theory and practice in contemporary art). She has presented her works in many exhibitions, whether alone or collectively, in France and abroad.
Her work could be said at first to be figurative as it reveals a dream world where angels and mythological figures mingle. However the artist’s interests lie elsewhere. Indeed, while she finds inspiring sources in the History of painting, in an archetypal memorial fund, it is to question and to topicalize them in original and enigmatic ways. Nevertheless, she reaches the very limits of abstraction and explores their many resources. The task of recognizing the fantastic bestiary, landscape, architecture and hieroglyphic writing is always deferred. The painting resists being grasped because of the extreme fragmentation of the pictorial surface which plunges the viewer into a flow of particles endlessly animated by a Brownian motion. The figures multiply as they are deconstructed, and blend in an original magma, or emerge and crystallize. The viewer’s gaze, which is thus trapped in the vibrancy of the graphic texture, moves around the dynamic space of the painting exploring the meanders of labyrinthine networks.
The exceptional presence of Beatrice Bescond’s painting is also due to the use of color, paradoxically both fugitive and intense. Thanks to optical synthesis, each stroke or color sign participates in a whole to give out suffused light. The resulting psycho-phenomenological perceptual experience the viewer has is thus unique. (Traduction: Shirley Bricout. Oct 2016)


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Résidence Artistique, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan.
Exposition du 17/10/2016 au 10/11/2016

"Noirs de Crayons"
Du 14 nov au 27 déc 2014

Exposition GO WEST, PARIS. Echange culturel entre la France et le Texas
Du 19 septembre au 30 septembre 2011

Go West One, Williams Tower Gallery, HOUSTON
Exposition, "Go West One", Williams Tower Gallery, du 27 octobre au 25 novembre 2011

5ème Biennale armoricaine d'art vivant/contemporain
Du 15 octobre au 12 novembre 2011

"île, Eté, tant" Galerie Samantha Sellem, Paris
Du 21 Juin au 23 Juillet 2011

"Foisonnants Univers", HOSPICE SAINT CHARLES
Exposition du 5 mars au 3 avril 2011- Peinture.

Exposition Béatrice Bescond "Textures du Visible"
Du 6 janvier au 12 février 2010

Béatrice Bescond à Espace culturel l'Hermine
Du 10 août au 28 août 2010

Béatrice BESCOND, Galerie du collège Jean Monnet, Broons
Du 14 mai au 24 juin 2009

"Le rêve raisonne et la raison rêve", Galerie des Beaux Arts, Paris
Du 3 au 14 avril 2007

Béatrice BESCOND, Galerie du Présidial, Quimperlé.
Exposition « Mirages » du 11 avril au 12 mai 2006

Béatrice BESCOND, Exposition "Maîtres des Murs"
Du 7 au 26 mai 2004

La Fondation Taylor présente les peintures de Béatrice Bescond
Exposition du 28 mai au 19 juin 2004, 13h-19h (sauf dimanche)

APERCEPTIONS, Galerie Guislain - États d'Art, Paris
Du 1er au 6 Septembre 2003

Exposition "Souffles" de Béatrice Bescond, Galerie des Beaux Arts
Du 14 au 25 mars 2000